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My #100daysofcode Journey

My #100daysofcode Journey

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·Feb 6, 2021·

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Shortly after I began learning how to code, I wanted more out of the whole experience... I wanted to document my learning process while publicly committing to a daily routine of coding. Then, I started reading more a lot of articles and tweets in the tech space on Twitter, from there I got to know about the #100daysofcode challenge. It was perfect! For 100 days, I will be accountable to the general public while sharing what I learnt for each day.

I started the whole journey officially on October 27th, 2020. I put a tweet out first explaining why I started learning how to code, the reason why I chose Python, and a commitment to the challenge. You can check the tweet here:

It has not been an easy ride, there were a lot of uncertainties and doubts. Days I was unsure whether this whole coding thing was for me or when I was unable to get a project done, after informing everyone I was working on the said project.

I can say the hardest part was that with all these uncertainties plus not so easy projects I took on as a newbie, I still had to put it out. It did not matter if I did not get said project working already or I was having a bad day or my crush had not replied to my DMs, lol. I still had to do this - "Day so so of #100daysofcode, I learnt ..." Through it all, I am happy to have learnt quite a lot during that period plus I met really amazing people. While I was working on an open-source project (Twindle - converting Twitter threads to pdfs and docs)

I got on a call with a lady I have never met before from 11 pm till 1 am, just so I could get my 2nd and 3rd PR done! I met someone else who even till now, we get on calls and he helps me out whenever I have challenges or just someone to rant to on how software development is not some piece of cake.

Talking about the challenges I faced (quite a lot, to be honest) while starting out, the first challenge was that learning to code from a non-technical background (Law) was no easy peasy. I knew just cases and laws with little technical knowledge, this made learning quite difficult. Also, while starting out, in the first few months, I had nobody to reach out to. It was all up to me, where to get the best learning resource, what to skip or learn, decisions, basically everything, there were all up to me. Another thing was I believed I must get a mentor before I can make certain decisions, so I wasted some time searching for that someone.

Those were some of my challenges, now I will talk about: Lessons I learnt during my whole #100daysofcode challenge and after it:

  1. There should be no perfect time to start whatever you aim. This can't be overemphasized enough! Just start! (this sounds like a motivational quote, but it has really helped me). There is no perfect time, it's best you just get up and start.

  2. Have a DEFINED reason for your, "Why I got into Tech/coding". This will help you a lot on days when you feel unmotivated. Remembering why you started out in the first place will really help.

  3. Ask Questions! Ask Questions! Ask Questions! Reach out to people who are engaging in the community and are ready to help, then ask questions (it is best you ask these people after making your own personal research and checking Google for answers).

  4. Join communities: here, you get to meet with brilliant individuals, network, and share ideas.

  5. Document your learning journey. Try to start a technical blog as well: apart from reaffirming what you are learning, it will also help a number of code newbies after you.

  6. Always include your interests while introducing yourself in any community, once it is not against the rules. I do this most times, you get to meet people who are looking to get into the same space as you as well as people who are curious about it.

  7. Don't wait until you get to meet someone before you put the mentor label. You do not have to be able to easily chat up such a person on WhatsApp or Twitter before you start learning from the person. You can learn from anyone even if they don't know you or you have never met them.

  8. Staying committed and dedicated is very important and you can achieve this by participating PUBLICLY in challenges like #100daysofcode, #30daysofUI/UX, #30daysofjava, etc.

My achievements from the beginning of #100daysofcode till the very end: I worked on an open-source project even with little coding experience. Worked on four "code newbie" projects which I pushed to my Github, includes a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game, YouTube Video Downloader, Contact Book etc. Got to know how to use Git and Github. Met a number of amazing people who push and teach me daily. Started a Tech blog as well.

Finally, to those who would like to take on this challenge or a similar one, the task may sound daunting, you may ask, "how can I code/learn to code for a whole 100days?" But, I say this, you never really know until you start (motivational quote or not, very important!) Also, know why you started, identify with it and have a personal conviction to see it through. Have people in your corner who will push you even when you are down and with all these, you are well ready to complete that challenge! Go into the world and complete that challenge, yo!!!

Cheers to an amazing post #100daysofcode.

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